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We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions on this page. If you need additional assistance please contact us and we will be glad to further assist you.

I can't see my listing what do I do?

If you’ve already created a listing but you don’t see your listing in the directory please click the “My Listings” link in the website top navigation menu, you should then be able to see your listing in “Draft” mode and you can click the “Gear Icon” on your listing to choose a plan and complete submission.

How does the online directory work?

To use the online directory, customers can search for service providers using the search function and filters, or view providers on the map. Service providers can create a listing for their business by submitting their information, photos, and services offered to the directory.


How do I submit my business to the directory?

To submit your business to the directory, go to the “Submit Your Business” page on our website and fill out the form with your business information, photos, and services offered. Once your submission is approved, your business will be added to the directory.


How much does it cost to list my business on the directory?

We offer two plans for listing your business on the directory: the bronze plan, which costs $4.99 per month, and the gold plan, which costs $9.99 per month. Both plans allow your business to be listed for 30 days.


Can I list my business in multiple cities or locations?

Yes, with the bronze plan, you can list your business in up to 5 cities or locations, and with the gold plan, you can list your business in up to 10 cities or locations.


How do customers contact me through the directory?

Customers can contact you directly through the directory by phone or email, using the contact information provided in your business listing.


Can I update or manage my business listing on the directory?

Yes, as a service provider, you can manage your business listing through your customer dashboard, where you can edit your listing information, view customer engagement statistics, and more.



How to Create an Account

Learn how to set up your first Starlink Installers USA account and get listed in our national directory of Starlink Installation service providers.

How to Edit an Existing Account

Follow this tutorial to learn how to edit your existing account, make changes to your business listing on Starlink Installers USA.