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1678 Ensign Place , Salt Lake City, Utah 84121, United States
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Kosmic Link  was established in 2022 to help bring Starlink Internet to the people of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming. Whether you live in an apartment, own a Business, Home, Cabin, RV, Boat and even Aircraft we specialize in bringing you the most reliable and efficient internet to date for your platform.

Now easily accessible to the public, we are making it even easier for you to make the switch to internet that is there and available when and where you need it! Kosmic Link aims to improve people’s lives through better connectivity to family and friends as well as having the ability for contact with the outside world for work or incase of an emergency. This comfort can be felt anywhere, anytime you want, or be turned off till it’s needed.

Here at Kosmic Link, we take great pride in a job well done and a happy customer. We are the leading experts here to assist and help guide you through the entire process from determining what Starlink system best suits your needs as well as mounts and accessories that may be needed for your particular information to the final installation and set up.

Our install specialists are well trained and knowledgeable in Starlink systems, mounts, accessories and  know what needs to be done for a reliable, visually appealing installation.  We strive to provide a reliable, quick, clean and beautiful installation for all customers on all platforms. Customers are left with a great understand of how the system and app work together to make the entire Starlink experience easy and enjoyable for you to control from anywhere at anytime.

Let Kosmic Link help put you back in control your internet!